A Current View of Projects

This site contains information based on my current projects in Oakland California. This website is not really meant to be for the public and is aimed at an internal development team so we can list and update our current photographic projects. If you happened to stumble in here by mistake then I apologize.

As a team of image based photographers our main goal is to capture many of the more interesting things you will find floating about in our city. The teams main goal is to try and grab the essence of daily life in and around the city in the most natural fashion that we can. The goal is more focused on people and interesting things that happen versus architecture and wildlife. Although the latter could represent some awesome shots it does represent the current mindset or our plans. Note, if you do happen to get the chance to take some awesome shots then you are free to use them personally or in other commercial projects – something like this :-)

OaklandPlease remember to tag all your images and submit them to the club email address that you were given during our last meeting. I also hope to setup our social profiles soon and there will opportunities to post your images there as well if you would like to.

In order to keep everything organized please make sure you keep your email address up to date and if there is any change let us know right away. You can also use the contact form on this website to change your details.

I will update soon with more information and other project availability so be sure to check back here from time to time . Information about our next meeting will be posted here by the end of the month.



Our First Meeting

I have not had a chance to post much but after our first meeting was held over the past weekend I felt I had to come and post something – anyone who attended will know exactly why!

We have been trying to get together for a few months now but fate seems to have a habit of interfering and for one reason or another it has taken this long to arrange our first meet. Everything was setup, invites went out and the response was good. The venue was FIRST class (Thankyou Werner for your awesome facility) and we finally had everything in place. Photo below shows the venue.

Meeting Space - WernerWhat could possibly go wrong :-)

Well, to answer that question we have to look at the CV of a prominent member who happens to be the GM for a well know Wine Company. He thought, in his infinite wisdom, that he should ensure we all have enough to drink for the duration of our first meeting and to that end he even brought a chiller full of wine with him. Now, I am the first to smile when I see this but what we didn’t realize was the poor turnout and the quantity of free wine that ended up flowing around the table. Needless to say a lot of mumbo jumbo was spoken and nothing was really accomplished – we had a good laugh though!

Having published this in the open I think it is fair to say we need to arrange another meeting ASAP but this time the plan is to prohibit alcohol and attempt to discuss the matters at hand! You should all receive your new venue and date information sheets soon so please reply as before and let’s try and do this again!

Starting Out Fresh in 2015

It has been quite sometime since I last made the effort to post on here and that is party due to the huge amount of work that I have going on right now. It is really hard to make the time for personal interests when you have stress from every direction coming in. I spent a large part of last year trying to finish up with some huge projects and I can finally say that I think I am almost there allowing me to finally turn my attention (just a little bit) to my interests.

In order to muster up a little bit more energy in the new year I took the decision to try and live my life in a slightly healthier way than I had before. This involves watching my diet and ensuring I get some exercise, at least a couple of times every week. A trick I learned from a good friend involved the juice of a powerful juicing machine to mix up all sorts of healthy foods into one nutritious drink. I use this every single day and I can already feel the difference in my morning mental abilities. You must check out this awesome site to see some of the commercial juicing machines currently available.

On the fitness side I have tried to run once a week. There is a local event close to me call the park run – it essentially a 5km run through a farm area and it is very well supported making it loads of fun as well as a chance to meet new people. The other plan is to attend the local gym a couple of times a week. This is the most help and keeps me motivated during bad weather and the winter. It is easy to slack off over this time and if I let myself slip out of routine practice it will be easy to end up quitting altogether. I keep you posted of my progress and let’s see how far we can take it.

Instead of spending time outside over this month I have developed a slight interest in indoor photography – to make a change – and I must say it is lighting up my inspiration again :-) I plan to post a few photos, I will try and get to it during the course of this week, to show you what I have been up to and why I think it is worth all hobbyist photographers devoting a little bit of time to this practice.





Some Background as Requested

A few members have asked a little bit about me and my background so I thought I would post it here to save explaining things again and again! We run a private member only club so I am happy to post here as I doubt anyone else will be interested.

I grew up in the south of England (Sussex county to be exact) and adopted a love of photography at an early age. It started when my father has a businessman over from Japan who stayed with us for a few days. He had an amazing camera for the times (early 80’s). It was a standard Canon film camera but it was the most automated I had ever seen – one of the features was to automatically rewind the film once it was full. He noticed my interest and said “you like – when I leave you have” and he ended up giving it to me. I remember being over the moon and from that moment on I always had a passion for photography. I also remember that guy over the breakfast table when we offered him eggs on toast – he removed the egg, spread marmalade on the toast and then put the eggs back!

As I grew up I also developed a love for the game of golf. Living in the UK mean’t that I could only really play for about 8 months a year and that was the motivating factor for me moving to the US many years later. You will now find me working hard on my swing with my golf simulator in the basement, use the link to learn more about those – best money I ever spent! The model I decided to go for is called the Optishot and with an affordable price and some really great features you can be guaranteed it will help you improve your game.

I also enjoy playing computer games like WOW and I have to be careful I don’t spend too much time at my desk playing instead of getting work done. I have enjoyed playing computer games since I was kid and you will often find on my weekends during bad weather, or even during winter competing with my son in our online matches!

Once I finished school I studied graphic design and that was my first introduction to the world of Photoshop. I was amazed at how I could edit my photos and make any changes I wanted to. This fueled my love of photography and led me on the path to a professional photographer that I am today.

I have worked with many fortune 500 companies and print media around the world and I am one of the those lucky people who loves their job. The club runs in tandem with that as it surrounds me with like minded people as well as allowing me to pass on some of my knowledge to others. This career has to be one of the best on earth as it has taken me to many diverse and amazing places all over the world.

I guess this is a simple introduction as you probably don’t need a lot more detail but hopefully that gives some background to me and why I do what I do. I am also happily married (approaching my 15th anniversary) with two young boys aged 11 and 13.

As promised I will try and update the site a little more often and when we have our next meeting I hope to post some of your talent for others to enjoy.