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I am glad you decided to stop by and check out my brand new site which I hope will provide some useful information as well as some ramblings for me! I try an avoid rambling but if it feels right then I will do it and I hope it adds an interesting dynamic to the blog.

I like to fiddle around with different investments – both the stock market and other money making methods. I have tried them all over the years including all the normal ones like gambling and spread betting. I have met people in my lifelong travels that have managed to beat the odds on these types of games (not gambling in the traditional sense but more in the form of sports betting) but they are generally really advanced and intelligent and probably could make a success out of anything they attempted. If you are thinking of jumping into one of these then make sure you take your time and read as much as you can – most likely you will waste a lot of money before you come up with any semblance of a plan that might be profitable.


On top of all the money ideas and plans (yes, I have tried them all – including poker!) I shall talk a little bit from the heart of matters that are important to me. I guess this will be a forum to vent and sound excited, depending on the mood, or to just write. I do have a family and I enjoy playing golf, when time allows so I may just talk about that.

If you have any potential money maker ideas then please get hold of me via the contact form, I might just do a feature (please, no scams) and we can get an active discussion going. I did think about adding a forum but I think its a bit premature so I will get some readers coming back on a regular basis and then make that decision.

If you want to add any ideas or information onto the site then please feel free to get hold of me – I would love some help and additional contribution as it would really help to get this site on the move.



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