Some Golf Discussion

It did not feel right to me to leave the blog on its birthday without talking a little bit about my passion and love for the game of golf. I have played since I was a small boy and at one point I had dreams of turning professional – that got shot down after a car accident and I broke my wrist. As I got older I managed to slowly improve and get the handicap close to 5 ,which is not bad with a dodgy wrist.

I can attribute much of my success to my golf simulator¬†which has served me for a few years now. The simulator has allowed me to work on my swing at home day and night or when its poring with rain and I cannot make it to the real course. Simulator technology has improved a lot over the years with the ability to play online these days it can be a lot of fun. To make it worth it you will need to spend a bit of cash as a projector and decent PC make all the difference. In a way, you need a “man cave”! A place where you can setup and leave everything in place so you can just go and use it when ever you get the urge. This golfing website contains a lot more info on setting up a simulator for anyone who is thinking of building a setup.

As mentioned above, don’t skimp on the electronics or you will regret it. Having a nice big screen in front of you will make a huge difference and enhance the experience. The room you choose will also have a bearing as you have to be able to swing a golf club. Not everyone will have the space to swing a driver but you want to make sure you can at least practice with your irons.

Finally, you need to get a nice desk to put all your stuff on – there is nothing worse than having to bend down all the time to adjust pc settings or fix problems – having everything neatly on a desk with the wires running down the back will finish everything off just right.

If you are anything like me and just love to get out there and play some golf then it is well worth the initial investment to allow you to work on swing improvement at home. There are no time limits there and you can just quietly build up your golf swing and surprise your golfing mates. Modern simulators also help you to fix swing errors – after every shot you will get some data up on the screen which really does help.

Let’s take a look at the pro-swing below.


There are a few choice out here if you are thinking about spending some money. As it is an electronic product you will know that companies are always developing and by the time you read this it might even be out of date but it is easy enough to check out all the major online shopping stores to get the latest and greatest!